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    Jun 16, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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BIO-1060 - Principles of Biology I* (S) (3)

Prerequisite: Reading Placement; or RDG-0800; or take one of the following:  IRW-0900A ; IRW-0900B ; IRW-0900C ; and MTH-0992  or MTH-0950  or higher
In this course for science majors, students study basic chemistry, the molecules of life, cellular structures and function, membrane transport, enzymes, cellular metabolic pathways and photosynthesis. They also study DNA, the genetic code and gene expression. Other topics studied include intercellular communications. The design and functions of an animal system is explored.  Credit for this course may be earned through Advanced Placement Examination.  For students in the Arts and Sciences: Biological Sciences program, credit may not be earned for both BIO 1060 and BIO 1020.  This course satisfies the General Education Biological Science requirement.

List Course Outcomes (consistent for all sections)
CO1. Explain the process of scientific investigation and its implications.

CO2. Understand basic principles of biology, such as cell structure, metabolism, as well mechanisms of inheritance and basic biochemistry.

CO3. Demonstrate understanding of energy use in living things such as cellular respiration, fermentation, and photosynthesis.

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