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    Jun 16, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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POL-1010 - American Government* (B) (3)

Prerequisite: Reading Placement; or RDG-0800; or take one of the following: IRW-0900A  IRW-0900B  IRW-0900C  
Students study national, state, and local American governments through an examination of the nation’s constitutional foundations, the development of the three branches of government, and the evolution of national institutions and political parties.  Students examine the ways in which three branches of government interact with each other and with citizens, and consider the impact of contemporary issues on American government. This course satisfies the General Education Social/Behavioral Science requirement.

List Course Outcomes (consistent for all sections)
CO1 - Demonstrate understanding of the nature of politics, and the variety and complexity of ways in which humans have organized themselves into political groups.

CO2 - Demonstrate understanding of the terms and concepts basic to the study of politics and government, and evaluate analyze the impact of hegemony, evolution and revolution, conflict and consensus, in the development of government.

CO3 - Explain the nature, structure, and function of political processes, the relationship between the government and the governed, and the significance of participation in the political process, civil liberties, and the protection of minority rights.

CO4 - Describe the historical explanations for the origin of the state, and explain the evolution of ideas about government.

CO5 - Describe how governments attain, exercise, and maintain power, and evaluate what constitutes legitimate power.

CO6 - Demonstrate understanding of the interaction between culture and government.

C07 -  Describe and analyze the social and historical factors that shape ideas about power, and demonstrate understanding of major political ideologies and systems of government.

C08 -  Describe and evaluate the historical and global impact of major ideologies, and the interrelationships among major systems of government.

C09 -  Demonstrate the ways in which gender, religion, race, and ethnicity impact, and are impacted by, power.



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