Mar 03, 2021  
Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021

Sport Management, AS

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No. of Credits: 60
Contact: Laura Polk, Chair, Health Sciences Division

This transfer degree provides students with the opportunity to examine the dynamic field of sports in relation to business, society, leadership, human development, and management. The degree is appropriate for students interested in careers within the fields of athletic and recreation administration, the fitness industry, college and professional sports, business, and retail marketing. Students completing the program will gain knowledge in general business practices, program management, leadership, and decision making.  This program is fully available online.

The maximum number of credits accepted in transfer from other institutions to this program is 45.

Career Opportunities:

athletic and recreation administration, fitness industry, college and professional sports, business and retail marketing

Student Learning Outcomes:

Students will...

  1. Identify and explain the components of personal health and physical fitness, the relation of lifestyle decisions to chronic illness, the human muscular structure, the benefits of regular exercise, and a nutritionally sound diet.
  2. Critically analyze the how race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomics, access, and culture affect a population's state of health.
  3. Explain psychological components of sports performance as they are related to teams and individuals and to the choices they make.
  4. Identify and analyze the requirements for business success in the Sport Management field including: planning, policy development, program development, public relations, legal aspects of business, business management principles (basic financial management, marketing basics, insurance and liability).
  5. Identify and discuss contemporary risk management issues, and legal requirements that confront owners/executives, managers, and operations level personnel in Sport Management Fields including fitness facilities, college and professional sports. Students will analyze legal terminology/research, principles of risk management, liability concepts, liability scenarios, and litigation.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to analyze and evaluate the social impact of sports on society including gender, race, age, and current topics including media's role in sporting events, legal/illegal activities (supplement/drug use, gambling).
  7. Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and demonstrate basic knowledge of information technology as applied to the Sport Management industry.

Required Courses and Recommended Sequence:

The following is a recommended sequence of courses for completing this program. College Prep and prerequisite course requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress. Course availability within the program sequences is specifically intended for full-time students who begin their course work with the fall semester. Students should always consult their online program evaluation or an academic advisor to better understand typical course availability and individual program planning.


* Courses requiring a prerequisite or co-requisite   

****Pending MHEC approval

Course Indicators: English Composition (E), Arts (A), Cultural and Global Awareness (C), Humanities (H), Biological/Physical Sciences (S), Social/Behavioral Sciences (B), Mathematics (M)

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