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    May 21, 2024  
Catalog 2013-2014 
Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Legal Studies, AS

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No Credits:  60

Contact:  J. Fehr, Interim Chair, Business and Technology Division; D. Morris, Program Coordinator

Learn about the interconnection and impact between law and business, government, and public administration using a multidisciplinary approach. The study of law is not an isolated field; instead, it involves many related areas such as business, political science, philosophy, economics, and social sciences. The require core courses and the General Education courses serve as a foundatin for the Legal Studies program. Students select one of three program elective groups to focus their studies.

Law and American Civilization group focuses on the nature of law and its role in American society. Students will study the impact of laws using sociology, history, political science, communication, and philosophy. This elective group prepares students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree for further study of American culture, politics, and policy-making.  

Public Administration and Policy group focuses on American government, public administration, politics, and policy. Students will study political science, history, and philosophy. This elective group prepares students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree for further study of the interconnection of law, business, politics, and public administration.  

Legal Assistant group focuses on legal research, legal analysis, legal writing, and case management. This elective group prepares students to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. Students may also choose to enter the work force (private law firms, legal departments in the private sector, government.)

All three elective groups emphasize analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and writing. During the one-credit program capstone course, students select a project that relates to their selected elective group.

The maximum number of credits allowed in transfer from other institutions to this program is 45.

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Career Opportunities:

Federal, state, and local government agencies; federal, state, and local administrative agencies; non-profit; associations; private business; human resources, public relations, mediation, lobbying/legislative affairs department, urban/regional planning, health administration, private law offices, courts, banks, real estate.

Transfer Options:

Students should consult with an advisor or the Program Coordinator early in their studies. 

This program of study is part of an articulated partnership with the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Students successfully meeting the requirements of this associate’s program can transfer the necessary credits to UMUC and complete their Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

Student Learning Outcomes:

Core Program Learning Objectives

Students will

  1. Explain the roles, functions, and operations of the American judicial and legislative systems
  2. Apply knowledge of legal systems, multidisciplinary concepts, and methodologies to identify legal issues
  3. Recognize the impact that laws and regulations have on society, industries, and individuals using a multidisciplinary approach
  4. Develop and evaluate several contrasting points of view to the same legal issue
  5. Demonstrate analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and effective legal writing techniques
Elective Group A: Law & American Civilization

Students will

   6A. Recognize the nature of law and its role in American Society
   7A. Apply knowledge of different environments, cultural settings, ethics, and values to evaluate laws and regulations

Elective Group B: Public Administration & Policy

Students will

   6B. Analyze policy and management implications from laws, regulations, and politics
   7B. Examine legal and political issues critically and analytically

Elective Group C: Legal Assistant

Students will

   6C. Conduct research using appropriate resources to identify and analyze relevant legal authority applicable to specific factual situations
   7C. Properly write legal documents and complete legal forms that are commonly used in private practice and government service
   8C. Recognize the steps in the civil litigation process commonly performed by legal assistants

Required Courses and Recommended Sequence:

The following is a recommended sequence of courses for completing this program. College Prep and prerequisite course requirements, credit load, and/or course availability may affect a student’s individual progress. Course availability within the program sequences is specifically intended for full-time students who begin their course work with the fall semester. Students should always consult their online program evaluation or an academic advisor to better understand typical course availability and individual program planning.

Mathematics (3)


  • See Gen Ed  Listing
    • MTH-1100 or higher

Group Electives Second Semester (3)

Law and American Civilization: SOC 1010  ;

Public Administration and Policy:  POL 2010  or POL 2020  ;

Legal Assistant:  LGL 1200  *;

Biological and Physical Sciences (4)


Group Electives Third Semester (3)

Law and American Civilization:  SOC 2310  * or HST 1017  ;

Public Administration and Policy:  HST 1036   HST 1040  or HST 1050 

Legal Assistant: LGL 2200  ;

Group Electives Third Semester II (3)

Law and American Civilization:   HST 1050  ;

Public Administration and Policy:     PHL 1430  POL 2110  or SOC 2100  *;

Legal Assistant:  LGL 1300  *;

Biological and Physical Sciences (4)


Group Electives Fourth Semester (3)

Law and American Civilization:  GRY 1050  or POL 2020  ;

Public Administration and Policy:  COM 1350  PHL 1400  or PHL 1420   ;

Legal Assistant:  LGL 2300  *;

Group Electives Fourth Semester II (3)

Law and American Civilization:  COM 1350  PHL 1400  or PHL 1420  ;

Public Administration and Policy:  GRY 1050  or POL 2020  ;

Legal Assistant:  CJS 2030  CJS 2040  ENV 1400  HLS 2320  HMS 1070  LGL 2400  LGL 2910  PHL 1420  or WFS 1775  ;

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